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Coquetdale Repair Café 

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We welcome more textile items to repair!

How can we help?

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Please be patient. It may take us a few days to get back to you

Welcome to Coquetdale Repair Café. Repair cafés are a global movement to reduce waste, strengthen communities and share skills. 

If you are local to Rothbury ward and have an item for repair simply complete this form which will go to 

Please be patient, we will reply as soon as we can but it may take two weeks or so. Please note that you can book only one item into the Repair Café. If you bring a second or third item, they will be looked at if repairers have time, but you will have to go to the back of the queue if there is one.

You may want to send a photograph of the item you want repaired directly to the email address above.

Here are a few examples of the sort of things we can look at:

  • Simple clothes/household textile repairs 

  • Small electrical appliances like small kitchen appliances and hoovers

  • Simple woodwork repairs on portable furniture

If you’re unsure, just ask but generally speaking, if it can’t be carried in, we can’t fix it! Which means we can’t fix large items such washing machines, fridges, cars, or large TVs.

Our volunteer repairers will assess your enquiry and may get in touch to ask some additional questions or to let you know if you need to bring any spare parts with you on the day. They will also be able to give you an appointment time.

By filling in this form you give Coquetdale Repair Café permission to share your email address with volunteers to enable them to contact you about the item to be repaired. 

And when you bring your item to be fixed we would like you to stay with the repairer while they are working on it so that hopefully you’ll learn some new skills.  They may even ask you to join in but if you work with the repairer and pick up new skills you do so at your own risk.

Repairs are free of charge and carried out by unpaid volunteers so we welcome donations towards repair café costs. 

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