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Coquetdale Repair Café 
House Rules


I understand:

  1. I bring items to be repaired at my own risk.

  • All repairs are free of charge and carried out by unpaid volunteers. 

  • Neither the organisers of Coquetdale Repair Café nor the repairers can be held responsible if the item can’t be repaired, the repair doesn’t last or the item is accidentally damaged in the course of the attempted repair or for any future loss or injury associated with the repair or of any belongings whilst at the repair café.

2. I can book only one item into the Repair Café. If I bring a second or third item, they will be looked at if repairers have time, but I will have to go to the back of the queue if there is one.

3. I have to stay with the repairer while my repair is being carried out.

  • If I work with the repairer I do so at my own risk.

4. If batteries, fuses, zips or other ‘consumables’ are needed, I need to provide them.

  • If they are in stock, you can buy them from the Repair Café.

  • The Repair Café might have some items that can be offered for free.


5. Repairers may choose not to attempt to repair my item.

  • This could be for safety or any other reason. 

  • Sometimes a professional repair service is needed; the repairer may suggest a local provider.


6. Repairers may take my item apart and not put it back together again.

  • For example if the item is unsafe or broken beyond repair.​​


7. I have to take my item away with me when I leave.

  • Even if it’s not been possible to fix it.

8. If I’ve brought children with me, I’m responsible for their behaviour and safety – I’m aware there are dangerous tools and equipment in the hall.


9. I may be asked by an organiser to have a photo or video taken for publicity.

  • We will always ask your permission first and explain where they will be used. 

  • You can withdraw your permission at any time in the future – just let us know.

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